Since I knew I should've taken the rest of yesterday off (and I had a lot of stuff to do today), I didn't play any league tournaments. However, last night I qualified in the 8 game freeroll. That was definitely a great feeling to qualify in that kind of tournament. You have to have a good feeling with all types of games (limit and no limit hold 'em, pot limit omaha, limit omaha hi/lo, stud, stud hi/lo, razz, and 2-7 triple draw). I feel I'm particularly strong in the hold 'em, 2-7, and razz games, which help me out in the two that I struggle with. Omaha! It seems this game always gives me trouble. I'm not sure why that is. Maybe it's because there are always huge hands butting heads. You have a straight? Sorry, you lose to a flush. You have a flush? Sorry, you lose to a full house. You have a full house? Sorry,you lose to a better full house. One hand that I'm never going to forget (I mentioned it in a previous post, but I'm going to mention it again) happened about a week ago. I had AJ66 (A6 of spades) on the button in limit omaha hi/lo. About 5 people went to the flop, which was KQT with two spades. So I flopped the absolute nuts and had the nut flush draw to boot. Naturally, post-flop betting capped and 4 people went to the turn...which was a third spade. So I flopped the nut straight, and I now turned the nut flush. Once again, the betting round capped and all 4 went to the river....another K. The three people to act before me went: check, bet, raise. S***. The only reason that so many raises were going on were that either someone had flopped two pair and had now filled up, or someone had flopped a set and had now filled I ended up folding my flush. Turns out someone had TT in the hole. It's just hands like this that seem so common place in omaha. In hold 'em, you can at least narrow down what someone has. In omaha, someone might have a hand on the flop, but hit a runner-runner, completely different hand. It gets sick. Really sick. I would like to discuss one hand from late in the 8 game freeroll, that happened in no limit hold 'em . As 8 game is 6-handed, the first 3 players folded to me on the button, I had Q5. The small blind was sitting out, so it was me versus the big blind. Since I had the button, I decided to raise, and the bb called. Flop was 973. My opponent checked to me, so I bet half the pot. He called. Turn was another 9, and my opponent checked again. I knew then that he didn't have a 9, so I continued to pose something huge. I bet half the pot again, and he called. River was a K, and he checked a third time. So this time, I bet about 80% of the pot, feeling that he had some sort of draw that missed.....and he called. What did he have? 74 off suit for a flopped pair of 7s. I was...not happy. Then he managed to call me an idiot for betting every street, amongst a streak of other insults. Correct me if I'm wrong, but calling a pre-flop raise out of position with 74o? Maybe I should've given up after the flop, since I wasn't getting him out of the pot. But calling in that situation seemed incredibly noobish. I realize that pretty much any hand can be raised on the button and that the blinds could come along with something marginal, but 74o? These are the kinds of hands that I struggle with. This guy had 3rd pair (higher pair on board), and he called every bet without thinking. And then to start insulting me after this happened...I'll admit, I can be a bit of a hothead at times while playing poker (I'm making huge efforts to cool it, and have come quite far), but just don't be like that. Respect your opponents, unless they give you reason not to. This somehow turned into a rant. I need to suck it up and get over it.