After playing the first tournament of the day, I feel the need to take a break. It was a great one. I floated in the middle of the pack for the first 2/3 or so of the tournament. I began to drift downwards as the bubble approached and instead of tightening up, I decided to play aggressively. Jamming in unraised pots, etc. I did get lucky in a couple of spots, I'll admit it. But I started building quite a stack, and when it hit the final 50, I spent the rest of the time in the top 9...and made the final table. I went in as the 2nd largest stack with about 230k or so. It was a pretty even group to start. First place had over 500k, but everyone else was above 100k. There were two people that gave me some trouble at the final table. The first one was the big stack. He had a habit of making huge reraises when I had opened the pot with a standard raise, forcing me to fold a lot of hands that I wanted to take to the flop. I tightened up against him to, so that if he did repop me, I could jam with a premium hand...which none really came. The second guy that gave me trouble was a calling maniac. No one at the table could really push him off marginal and weak pairs, he would call to showdown nearly every time. I bounced around between 2nd and 7th for a long time. I really took a hit when another player made what I felt was a marginal call. He opened from the cutoff, I was the only caller in the bb with KcJc. Flop was 942 rainbow. I checked, and my opponent through out a small bet. When he did that, I didn't think he had hit the flop, so I check-raised him all in. He thought for a while before calling for his tournament life with...Qh4h for the flopped pair of fours. I was rather unhappy with his call here. I could've easily had the 9, or slowplayed an over pair. Anyway, the turn was the Jh, giving me the bigger pair. But it put two hearts on the board, giving him flush outs. Naturally, the flush hit on the river. This hand dropped me below 100k, and I was the shortstack at the table with 7 people left. In my last hand, the player in the cutoff raised, I decided to squeeze on the button with KJo. The calling maniac that I mentioned before decided to call both raises, as did the original raiser. And the maniac ended up winning with....K7. Why he decided to call a raise and a shove with this hand, I have no idea. But it somehow worked out for him. So I was out in 7th and won $.30. So given this great run, I decided to take a break for the rest of the day. I'm not going to be able to keep up with the people that play every tournament for the month, so I'm going to take quality over quantity.