Good start to the month. First tourney wasn't anything special. It was another limp-in money finish. Placed in about 150th. I had been doing quite well and worked my stack up to over 9,000, but ran into a calling station. He limped UTG, it folded to me and I had A4....not the best hand obviously, but I sensed weakness. I raised it, and the limper called. Flop was Q98, my opponent min-betted. I decided to bluff some more, and reraised. He called. Turn was a K....he min-betted, so I decided to try again, and re-raised. He called. River was a 9....min-bet. I probably should've shut it down, but I repopped it again. He called with....85. Hm. That cut me down a lot, and I limped from there. Now, the second was a great one that ended in ugly fashion. I had a few hands in the early going that really cut me down bad. But each time I was able to rebuild and get back into the top 40. One such hand, I called from the sb with 7h5h in a limped pot. Flop....A77. I got all the chips in with one other player, who had A8. And he promptly spiked an A on the river. After that, it was all uphill. Once it got down to the last 50 or so, I was really flying. Won a couple of huge pots, and when it got down to two tables, I was the chip leader with about 330k. Enter the nosedive. I lost a huge pot with AQ, racing again TT. Then I got in a blinds battle with an inferior A (A on the flop, naturally). I had a read and went with it....but I was wrong. This hand essentially crippled me. I had about 11-12 bb left after this. I managed to steal the blinds and antes a couple of times. Then the ugliness hit it's peak. It folded to the button, who raised. I was in the sb with JJ....felt like a standard shove. Button called with 66. Flop...A76. Ouch. I'm out in 10th place. I was pretty disappointed, I felt like I should've made the final table, but it just didn't happen. As such, I got $.08. Back to the grind.