Cashed in one tourney today, but made a good run in the second one too. I managed to triple up early in the first. Somehow managed a 3-way all-in with AA against QT and 93. After that, I just kind of floated and limped into the money. I made one pretty good river bluff. I had 8d5d in the bb and got a free flop. Flop was Q52. I checked, my opponent made a small bet, so I called. Turn was a 4, and my opponent made another small bet, so I called. River was a 6. I checked, and yet another minimum bet. I check-raised him, but he ended up calling with Q7 after thinking for awhile. I'm a little suprised he called, as there were so many possible hands that had him beat. I thought it was a good play. Finished 119th, nothing interesting to report otherwise. Second tourney, I felt a really good run coming on. I finally managed to win some races early and spent nearly the whole time way above chip average. I won a lot of uncontested pots by raising. The downfall started when I lost a big pot racing with AK vs. 99. Flop was QJ6, turn was a J giving me additional outs, but the river bricked. That cut me down to 3700, and I didn't get anymore good hands at that table. I got moved shortly after. Played 2 of about 9 hands at that table and was out. The first, with blinds 200/400, I raised to 800 with AT, and had to call an additional 400 when another guy went all in. Turned out he had AK. I picked up a flush draw on the turn, but the river bricked. That left me with 1600. A few hands later, I moved all in with AT, got called by two others. Ended up losing to T9. I had spent close to an hour in the top 50, peaking at about 36th before I went down the drain. I finished in 185th, I think it was. I also played two freerolls earlier in the day. In razz, I finished in about 230th of 6700 players. Last hand, I got my chips in with a 76 draw on 5th street. Turned out my opponent had the wheel already. Ouch. I also played a HORSE freeroll, but suffered a series of bad beats against some questionable plays by others. Only lasted about 20 minutes or so. It was the first time that I didn't make a deep run in a HORSE freeroll. I felt like I played really well in both League tourneys. I finally got a smattering of good starting hands and didn't spend the whole time getting junk. I still have trouble against players that make overly loose calls. I was reading people really well. Even called a guy's hand as KJ, and he told me he had KT. I still would like to be finishing higher than I am. I need to start making final tables.