Another day of run-bad catastrophe. I managed to place in the mid 400s and 540ish, basically by not playing any hands and by being outdrawn with big hands that I managed to get. First tourney, I saw 3 flops in 26 hands int he first 30 minutes....two of those were while in the big blind in unraised pots, the other was in an unraised pot in late position with suited connectors (airball flops, naturally). It's never a good thing when the best hand you have in 30 minutes is K5s. I managed to make one hand a little bit later. I had KQ, flop was Q87, river was a 5. I folded to a reraise on the turn. I talked to the guy afterwards, and he said he had 77. I doubled up to 1400 a few hands later with AA, in a rare hold-up for a big pair. And I essentially blinded out with absolute junk. Last hand, I had A8 versus two opponents. Flop was T82. Check, check, check. Turn was a J. Check, check, check. River was an A. I shoved my short stack with two pair, aces and eights, got called with AJ, aces and jacks. Awesome. Second tourney was more of the same. No good starting hands, outflopped whenever I had something playable. One time I raised with KJ to see what would happen; the person right next to me reraised with 6c3c. I folded pre-flop, but the board was literally a wheel, so he rivered a straight. Only thing good was QQ, but it was in a 4-way all-in versus AK, 7c2c (seriously), and KJ. I didn't get KOed, but my stack got cut in half because I only won a sidepot. There was an A on the flop, and the turn put 3 clubs on the board. The hand that KOed me...I shoved with KJ with less than 3 bb left, and got called with AK and JJ. Wow. I pretty much felt robbed for an hour. I'm extremely frustrated with things so far. Any success I've had has been by suckering people into calling with weaker pairs, bluffing, and bullying short stacks out of pots. Draws have pretty much all missed, I have flopped exactly 2 sets (both with 55, ironically) in all of these tourneys that I've made, all of my big pairs (QQ and above) are about 4 for 20 in winning hands, there's just pretty much been nothing. The sad thing is that there aren't any adjustments I can make, all I can do is sit around and wait for a good stretch of cards, I guess.