1 really good tourney today, 1 where I was stupid, and another where I got coolered every hand I played for the 25 minutes I was in it. So, first was the good tourney. I finished in 37th. I was really up and down the whole time. The hand that dropped me really low the first time, I had A9o in the bb. UTG player raised and it folded to me, so I called. Flop was Q97, all spades. I checked, my opponent made a small bet, 200 I believe. At this point, I put him on a big pocket pair, or maybe AQ, and I thought i could scare him out. I raised to 1000. He shoved, and I had to call, since it was only 70 more. He showed TT, with the spade. Turn was the A...of spades. River bricked. I really liked my play here, even if it didn't work out. My opponent had middle pair and a draw, my reraise must have told him that I had a bigger pair or already had the flush. I don't see how he could have called in that situation, but oh well. I peaked at about 30,000 chips when the average was just over 20,000. I was even down to less than 2 bb before I hit my peak. The comeback started when I shoved my 2 bb with A5s and was against 99. Flop...553. Sweet. I managed to steal the blinds and antes twice, and managed to double through a guy that was definitely tilted. He shoved in middle position, I called with 88 in the bb. He had QTo. Sweet. My downfall was (surprise, surprise) with a big pair, QQ. My opponent rivered a flush, I folded on the river. That left me with not much. Last hand I had A5s against KK. Managed to pick up a flush draw on the flop, but bricked out. Out in 37th. I felt like I played really well. Second tourney...my first mistake was playing at the same time as the first one. The hand that did me in, I had KQo in middle position and raised. The player immediately to my left re-raised the minimum, so I called. Flop was J high, no draws. Check, check. Turn was like a 5 or something. Check, check. River was a 7. I bet half the pot, my opponent raised me. Obviously, I had King high and should've folded. I guess I put him on a pair, and I thought I could get him off it. Anyway, I shoved. He called with JJ. Someone slap me for being dumb. Third tourney...oh my. I played maybe 5 hands. Here are three of them, with my hand listed first. AJ vs. AQ, 99 vs. AA, 55 vs. KK. The first hand, I didn't lose all that much, but I was irritated. Second hand, I raised from early position, Player 1 reraised the minimum, Player 2 called, I called because the pot was getting pretty juicy. Flop was 883. I checked, Player 1 made a fairly small bet. When he did that, I thought maybe he had an ace, maybe AK, AQ, AJ, somewhere in that area. The table was spamming a lot of aces, whether they hit the board or not. Player two called, I decided to shove. Both players called. Player 1 showed AA, Player 2 had QTo (wtf?) That left me with 15 chips, with the blinds 15/30. Naturally, I was the bb the next hand and had 84. Somehow managed to triple up. Then I had JJ in the sb, went in for 45, bb called with 77. Doubled up to 90 chips. Then I had the last hand, 55 vs. KK. Out. Welcome to cooler land. I have been cursed with pocket pairs so far. I see people call to the river with under pairs and win, then I pick up an over pair and it's almost an automatic loss. If any of them would actually hold up, I could accumulate some chips. Pretty much all of my damage has been done with top pairs, I've had very few 5-card hands. On a sidenote, as I was waiting for the last tourney of the day, I decided to play the play money limit omaha hi/lo tourney. One of the very first hands I played, I had AJ66, with two spades. Flop was KQT, two spades. So I flopped broadway with the nut flush draw. Turn was another spade, hello nut flush. River....K. I lost to a rivered fullhouse. Nut straight on the flop, nut flush on the turn, lost to a fullhouse. Wrap your head around that for a bit.