I only played one tourney today, and did well. Started out a bit rough. I went the first 15 minutes without playing a hand, then my internet went out for 20 minutes. When I got back, I had 1300 chips left and the blinds were 50/100. Rough. I managed to double up twice, both with AQs in a race against mid pairs. Scored a few KOs too, and got my stack up to 12,000. I took a bad hit right on the bubble. I had KK on the button. Player 1 in late position shoved (2,000ish), I re-raised, bb called. Flop was 9 high rainbow, no straight draw. I bet half the pot, bb called. Turn was an A and she shoved. Awesome. I made the obvious fold. Turns out both the other players had an A. Big pairs have been big losers for me so far. I either get outdrawn, or I raise pre-flop and don't get any takers. The hand that crippled me (down to 400 chips. Antes were 150, if that's an indication of the shape I was in after), there were a bunch of limpers, I had QJ in the sb and decided to squeeze-shove. Turned out a player who I only had covered by 400 had limped with AQ. Why, I'm not sure. We were both short-stacked at the time. Oh, poker. Anyway, I finished in 69th place and got $.02. Even though my last two tourneys have been good runs, I'm still not happy placing that low. I could use some run-good. I am pleasantly surprised that the game I developed in the play money tourneys has translated well while playing for actual money. If only my DOOM switch wasn't getting triggered so often.