I cashed in the tourney tonight and won....$.01. I was rolling for the first 1.5 hours, I was floating between 80-120th for a long time. Then I had a bit of a cooler against a guy that, in my opinion, did not make a good play. He raised in middle position, I called on the button with KhQh. Flop was queen-high with two spades. He bet 900, I raised to 2700, he called. Turn was another spade, he put in another min-bet, I called. River was another spade.....and he min-bet again. I figured I was beat, but I called out of curiosity. He had AdJs and rivered a flush. I was...displeased with his call on the flop as he had no hand and no true draw to go on and he got lucky with a runner-runner flush. That cut me down to 3700 from about 8000. A few hands later, I had 55 in the small blind. It folded to the cutoff, who raised. I called (I was a little steamed, admittedly). Flop was 852, rainbow. I checked, he bet half the pot and called when I shoved. He had A8. So I more than doubled up there to 7900, but I never got anything going after that. Won a few small pots, but nothing to build my stack. When it got to 6-7 people from the money, I had about 5 bb left and managed to hang on into the money. Last hand, I had less than a bb left. I had AK in the cutoff. Guy right before me (he had 2 bb) shoved, I called. Guy in the sb re-raises to fold the bb. Show them....first guy had A8, the small blind had AA. Ouch. Out.