I've played in 3 of the League tourneys now. I did alright the first one, I lasted an hour. I blinded down to a pretty short stack and ended up shoving with QQ. The bb called with JTo. J on the flop, J on the turn. Out. I've played two tourneys today and I already signed up for the last one of the day. The first today I didn't last long (20 minutes), I raised in middle position with KK, another guy shoved from the button and I snap-called. He had AcQc. Flop was 742 rainbow, turn was an A. Out. I only lasted about 20 minutes in the last one also. I was in the sb with AA. One guy in early position limped as did another from the cutoff. I raised 4xbb to 120. Early position guy 3-bet to 210, second guy called. I 4-bet to 400. Both called. Flop was 986, two diamonds. I open shoved to try to force out any diamond draws and didn't think anyone would have hit a straight. Early position guy called, other guy folded. The caller showed 88. Turn was another diamond, giving me flush outs. River was a blank. Out. This is going well.