Hi All

With regard to the new PokerSchool league it appears to suit players that play full time. The reason for this is that if the average enrolment is between 5000-10000 players you are likely to be playing approximatly 4-6 hours on each tournament to reach the bubble and money stages. As I am a UK player the only tournament I could possibly play is 17.00 ET (18.00 WET). The earlier tournaments are a non-starter 6.00 am, 10.00 am and 14.00 pm as I am working, the later tournament would not finish to the early hours next morning. I do understand Pokerstar thinking on the time of the tournaments as this appears not to suits Pokerstars current client base mainly European counties and Eastern eruopean counties.

With such large fields I think you will need to play as many tournaments as possible to even out the variances,as a lot of players will be forced to shove on almost any hand to survive the later stages of the tournament.

Is it cost effective to spend 12 hours playing 3-4 tournament with little guarantee of making a reasonable return on your investment. {Hours played versus Dollars won). If you do win a cash payment this would relate to a poor hourly rate. You may be better off playing low stake games or tournaments and grind out a small profit.

Good luck if you are playing the new league, but sadly it is unlikely that I will be playing, as it appears not to be worth the time needed to invest and only being able to play one tournament on week days. This is a shame as I have enjoy playing in the league over the last couple of months.