I return with one thing in mind, it is one hell of a grind at this site, and after trying several different big name sites that I wont name I realized my home is here @ pokerstars. I am a very small limit player, I never have won anything major. {17$} from a sunday spark. {Big deal right?}

I have created a game plan & am gong to see where it takes me, my mouth waters while I watch replays of people winnng several thousands of $$, in hopes that one day I too will win.

recently figured that it is best to stay away from cash tables and continue to grind it out on the micro limit MTT  until i can build a bankroll.

i would like to see some training videos or sessions be created on five card draw.

There really was no point to me writing this, it is simply a reminder for myself to keep grinding & to not give up. I know I have the ability to compete here at my stakes.

Question for anyone who reads this, I am wondering if i can receive a text or some sort of notifacation about when training sessions takes place, I really feel that it would benitfit me and any player of my skill level. I simply am busy at times and tend to foget when they are happening.

Thank you pokerstars.