Hello Folks,

i've just discovered PSO 1-2 month ago. when i did that, my entire poker life has changed so i want to thank everyone who put their effort on creation of this academy. thumbs up. i've learned that poker is not a game that is based on luck in the theory. but i think i didnt learn that in practice yet. 

Having JJ hole cards i started my journey. tried different types of game styles in dif. types of tourneys. i've met many skillful players so far already and my new world is growing bigger and bigger everyday. i want to thank all of them. especially to andrewj50050 who was first serious player i met  in the PSO Skill League that my hole cards(JJ) got him(andy) KO when he was holding them against me.

SHOW BEGINS...........

 Coyote : Poker is a game and every player is capable of doing anything in any hand thats the truth. BEEP BEEP:........... (Road Runner shows up, and disappears)

Dealer: Flop is [2s,2h,7c]
Dealer: TheTurn is [Jd]
Dealer: Dealing River: [7h]
Dealer: Going to Showdown Good Luck to both players
Dealer: Road Runner has two pair, Twos and Sevens
Dealer: Coyote has two pair, Twos and Sevens
Dealer: Dealer: Game #563256..........: RoadRunner wins pot (xxx,yyy,zzz) with two pair, but High card 6
Narrator: Coyote seems to be confused.
Coyote: :S
Narrator: Silence for 120 seconds and then Coyote realizes his hole cards were Jokers not Jacks

BEEP BEEP .............

Narrator: Roadrunner gets the chips on table and disappears.

(Roadrunner shows off the stage)

PS: and also i want to thank PSO Admin and JJestershark who inspired me writing this post.