yes, i am still mousing from time to time about falling off the wagon or forgetting what my game plan is.
i found another leak in my game.
i knew it was there - in the back of my mind - but i figured it couldn't be that bad.  it is

i am starting to feel better about my game however.  i tilt or steam less when my all in hand is swamped by a hand i had been beating until the river.
i feel less consumed with avoiding maniacs and protecting my tournament life than i had only a few weeks ago.  i can say that switching up my game play here and there does wonders for my chip holding as well as my mental state.

i get called aggressive by my opponents and some even say they feel less comfortable entering a pot that i am already in.. for me that's a huge WOW change from my old mousey play.
(yes i was very easily pushed off a pot - but not anymore)

Thank you Poker Stars for all you do with the PSO - the long hours, constant updates and naturally fighting off the barrage of negative remarks.
nothing is perfect
no one is either

i got to play in the Negreanu tourney the other night and while i wasn't seated at his table, i enjoyed myself while i lasted.  i did pop in and watch him play - while he lasted.. *s*
it must be hard when there's a bunch of different conversations going on from the rail as well as the players at your table - plus questions - plus asking for advice..
i imagined you juggling your hats - PRO - TEACHER - PLAYER

anyway readers - next time we meet - be prepared for a stronger player from this lil mouse.
After all i'm not a wolf in sheep's clothing.. i'm just me!