i guess it's obvious to me, that my patience is shorter than i thought - and i am too willing to put money into the poker pot with marginal hands. 
January started off with four PSO games finishing earlier than i wanted, giving me negative points and pushing my league standings down into the 5000/9000 area
i told myself, mouse - you are not paying attention to what you've learned, and i entered and played the next 8 PSO games i could play - keeping my starting hands to "good cards" and not fishing for unlikely cards.
what happened? 8 games in the positive points range, with cashes (yes only 1¢ but still..) in four.
i launched my league standing up from the dark depths formerly considered "home of the donkeys" to a place in the top 300!
whoo hoo!  never been so high...

Ok so i am feeling pretty good but BAMB!! back to old habits and old scores... two games later and I'm in the negative numbers on both.
I am still in the top 600 if the league - so it wasn't ALL WASTED
still, it bites the tail a little..

let's just call it reinforcement of previously learned lessons.
don't rush to put your money in the pot with marginal cards
don't fish for those flushes and hold on for the two-outers if you think that's what you need to win
fold when you figure you are beaten

see you at the tables!