I thought I would go out the end of this year... on a roll
It started a bit rocky.. a number of early outs made me rethink how I wanted to challenge myself.

I have to admit I hear a lot of you mousing about the level of "play" or the ability of the players...or lack there of.
It's all ok - we get to wrestle with the good along with the bad.

My month started off with me digging in... litterally making a big hole in my chips and driving my league position down down down..   I was at about 5000/9000 when I actually snapped to attention and started to pick things up.
AS OF NOW.. I'm sitting at about 600
Yes, that puts me in the money for the month.  I am hoping to bump that up to a $5 win though, so I have a play a few more "smart" games yet.

playing smart?
Don't risk your tournament life too early if you can avoid it.
Play your good hands and toss those marginal junk cards where they belong...in the muck!

I'd say wish me luck...but we all want that.
See you on the felt.. ..and the best of luck to you..