Ok, it's the final day for November's PSO League and I've managed to make my way back from the dark hole I dug myself into at the start of the month.  I'm only in the 800s but that's good enough to make the $$ for the month.

I can say that while my overall performance hasn't been all that - I did learn a lot through my ups and downs.

You might be wondering "What did you learn mouse?"

Well here goes -

1 - Being too tight, and too passive makes you a target for those players who notice your play.  They are the ones that can bluff you off the best hand if you're not paying attention to the way they play.
2 - Being too aggressive can cost you a huge amount of your chips, and even put your tournament life on the line too soon.  Beware of those re-raises!
3 - Watching the table, and picking out the loose players and the tight players is important.  You must note the "call stations" too and never try to bluff those guys. (they just won't fold!)
4 - Don't beat yourself up if you make the right decision but don't get the outcome you wanted.  AA may be the best starting hand but they don't win 100% of the time. 
5 - Don't whine about bad beats to other poker players.  We all have been beaten by that 8-3 off suit, that never should have called our 5x BB raise... it happens to the best of them.  I think when we whine it just reminds someone else of a bad beat they were trying to forget.  Let's just let it go and say no more...
6 - in a PSO tournament, where getting points is more important that winning a penny or two - avoid putting your tournament life at risk - unless you have to.  I am not saying lay down and play dead - just be aware of how much of your chip stack you are "investing" into a hand.  Ask yourself "can I win?" and  not just "what do they have?"
7 - check your "read" against the cards whenever possible.  Look back at the "previous hand" to see what the other player's cards were.  Did you guess it right?  If there were raises and re-raises see if there's a pattern according to the cards held.  i.e. always tripples a raise with a re-raise with a pocket pair.
8 - make notes right on the players. (love this feature at PS) yes, you can mark your friends in a nice blue colour (why though..they're your friends you should recognize them without colour markers) but make notes anyways.  Notes might look like:
= will always try to steal the blinds if no one raises
= will not put money into the pot first, but will call to the river card on a flush draw
= likes to check raise any small pair
= only plays premium cards
= plays every hand
= is a bully with a big chipstack.
you can use this information later on - and if you notice that they actually change up their play, make that a note too
and finally- the last thing I learned is that donkeys are just people with a different game play than mine.  Sometimes it works for them, so sometimes that type of play can come in handy.  so my last point would be
9 -Switch up your style of play during a game.  Be aggresive, then switch and be tight while waiting for premium hands.  Every once in a while play a loose call, but not all the time.  Be the bully when you have the chips, but just for a while and then go back to your solid basic game of poker.  Then about the time you figure everyone has notes on you - do something unexpected.