Yes, I can honestly say that I see improvement in my poker game since I started in this PSO.
I win money in cash games too when I remember to play smart.

How I am improving I am not sure - I have a list of statistics that I worked out for myself so I can compare months..
Month                                                       August             September              October
                                                              (white star)         (white star)               (Active)

Rank/players                                     1149/9311         1124/10321            369/11003

number of
games played                                        15                         24                             42

early outs (out before more                  9                          10                              13
than 50% of the field)

medium outs                                          2                            6                               12
(not ITM but + points)       

deeper finishes                                     4                            5                                11
(< 100th place)                                      (2)                          (4)                              (8)

final tables                                               1                            0                                 0
(best finish)                                         (3rd)                     (40th)                        (14th)

Point Finish                                   1590.20                  1602.91                    1762.08
(prize)                                                     N/A                       N/A                                $5

average points earned                    6.01                        4.29                           6.24
per game

Ok, so I don't know what I should be tracking to be accurate about this, but over all it doesn't look bad to me and my haphazard bookkeeping.  By October I saw my early outs drop from 60% of the time in August to 31% of the time.

I may have struggled in September to remember to use my new information, but I still managed to improve my standings just slightly.

improve rank to top 1000 - done x1
become active  - done
reduce early outs - ongoing
avoid going on tilt - ongoing
avoid negative points - best run 8 games with + points
NEW - earn at least $5 every month
NEW - learn to leave a cash game while I am up

I have not made it to a final table the past couple months, but I am seeing a slow increas of better finishes. 
40% in August, 46% in September and 55% in October of my games making a positive gain of PSO league points.
The conclusion I am making, is that I am improving.  I don't have it all together - I won't be turning "pro" any time soon, but I know that I am catching on!

I'm the mouse, (not the mouth) 
See you at a table soon!