Ok I might be speaking about speculation - or I might just be saying that talking about good cards or good runs just seems to jinx 'em.
As soon as I said I made it to the top 200 I took a huge tumble that made me rethink what I was doing.
Ok that was a good lesson because it allowed me to get focused and move forward again.

I mentioned my 6 game winning streak.. well it got to 8 games with positivie points before I hit a quick 1-2 punch early out times two..

(for those who don't like whining skip down to the **)
In one game - I went all in with pp 10s and met pp 8s and figured whoo hoo!  he has two outs.  Well the turn game them a backdoor flush draw and the river completed it.  whoops
I know I put my money in with the best hand, but it still hurt my feelings to be out early.

My other game was pocket Kings.  Maybe I should start tossing those out - because for some reason it seems an A always hits the turn if not the flop - and the one who calls my all in always has an A when I have KK.

** I managed to pull myself together eventually. LOL
Ah well.. I took a day off to cool down and then I regained what I lost on my two early outs with my next game.   I rejoiced and thought I was back!!!   Then, I thought I might actually move ahead and jumped into another game..   did I mention that saying things out loud seemed to jinx me?  lost 8.something points again. 

*grins with teeth clenched*  Ok, I'll be back. 

As for speculation - I'm glad there's no chat when someone goes all in - I can just imagine what might be said. 
I hear enough when someone goes "on tilt" and steams at the table.  Then they announce any flaws they have observed in your play and any patterns that they may have been aware of.  I actually don't mind it myself.  I know then that I am not going to continue to do what ever it was - for the next few hands at least.  I'm sure their outburst is not intended to be a "pointer" or a little observed education.  I still try to use it that way.  In general I don't reply... no point in making it any easier to read me!