So, there are downswings and upswings - but upswings are definetly more fun.
Six games in a row I have managed to get myself into positive points, and four of those have been in top 100 spots..
Very good for the points.. very good for the confidence..
Then I ask myself - so what am I doing "right"?

I AM looking at my position and saying.. NO mouse, too early to play those cards.
I AM looking at the ranks of other players and saying.. NO mouse, don't mess with that one; he's on a heater and in the top 100 of the league; he's probably got very good cards. Are my cards very good too?
I AM tossing the 10 2 suited.. the J 8 which I used to just love for some unknown freaky habitual reason
and I don't beat myself up and sulk or steam when that junk that I just tossed into the muck hits on the flop.

I still get caught with my paw in the cookie jar from time to time when I "wiff" on the flop but raised preflop.
I then try the continuation bet.. whoops my bad 
However, sometimes that works too.

Am I in a lucky run or just playing smarter?  I prefer to think it's not all luck, but..
- the smarter I try to play - the luckier I am.