August is sooo last month. Starting mid month can't help you move up in the standings very easily. So starting at the beginning of a month sounded like a better plan. I've played 10 games and have wriggled my way up to about 190th in the standings. Wow, for me - that's awesome. I have to admit I am tossing hands out more often than I would have prior to doing the lessons and being more aware that the cards I tended to want to see a flop with were... well less than a Catagory 8 hand..LOL I'm still drawn to J 8 - I know.. it's not even on the list.. call it obsessive compulsive. But at least I find I will only play them once in a while. .not ALL THE TIME I hope to maintain my "in the top 200" place for the month - it would be nice. It's not easy when you're not availabe to play all 4 games a day. I lose position just by turning off the computer and going to work!! ok, now I'm mousing.. but I do it well.