Gosh, looks like I hit a nerve on ol' C_the_Fear! Truth is always painful for the deluded, egotistical youth of the new poker generation.

I stand by my previous post, those who cry foul on the site are almost always chronic losers. And not just at poker, but at life itself!(see Fears comments about my last post)

I wont embarass him by posting his online rankings, or even his PSO rank, but Fear is the prototypical self-assured, self centered lil' snot that I used to love taking money from. He thinks he is playing well when he wins, and the site is rigged if he loses.I can't wait to be able to play real money games again so that we can indeed settle this on the tables, like gentlemen. But something tells me there will only be one gentleman sitting that day!

Stay classy Fear, and Good Luck to you!