We have all heard it before.."this site is rigged!"   The people that I have heard say this all have one thing in common....., they are chronic losers. Bad play and a bad run do not equal a rigged site. I have had my share of bad beats, as we all have, i have even had bad runs that lasted for days on end. not once did i blame PS.

Why would a site that rakes millions off of cash games want to "screw" you in the PSO league? Losing a flip is not a bad beat, playing A rag is not good play. I wish I could play in the league still, if for no other reason than to punish the crybaby losers that think the site is rigged!

If anyone reading this is at a table where somebody is crying foul on the site, go look them up at pokerprolabs.com, they are almost guaranteed to be in the negative for thier career.

As for you losers who want to blame sombody else for your own bad play, go blame your mama! I do!