According to official poker rankings, it was an excellent February.  I stated an incredible 38/149 or a 26%itm @ $5+ per tourney.  Only play in tournies/sng's of 45 players or more.

Check this stat out...20/66 - 30%.  That is my itm % of tournies of 181 players or more.  No practical way I'll repeat that high percentage again.

Made several deep runs in 3000+ runner tournies.  4 or 5 times in the top 40, including chopping the 9am $12K guaranteed for $1577.

Also won about $50 on FullTilt and another $50 at UB.  I play micro stakes stud hi/lo at UB only to qualify for the monthly $5,000 freeroll sponsored by Pokerlistings.  I almost made the final table last month (12th) but still won $55 in that tourney  - well worth the time it takes to get in;  since only 76 runners I think.

At Full Tilt, I ran a $5, 3100 runner tourney down to 32nd.  And I only play a small handful there.

Also kept my pledge in February - no cash games. NONE.  That kept my variance low.  And no tournament under 45 players either. 

But the downside is that I lost my Silverstar status.

I sent a long email to Pstars support on how they should have a freeroll for low-roller tourney players, because there is no way I can make top 2000 monthly leaderboard against the pros and other high stakes players.  I assume that if we were to break down the players stats in the $20,000 leaderboard freeroll,  90% of players will have average buy-ins are $50 and higher.   We $3 to $10 players stand little chance unless we multi 24 tables 8 hours daily.   Poker Stars should break that down for us in a revealing study.  

Doubt if I even hear back from Pstars regarding the thought I put into writing that letter.  Maybe they will surprise me..Good day all!