Today, Feb 22, I played in 12 tournies/Sng's.  I was rivered and KO'd in 8 of them!  I counted, and it just can't be that it could've happened, but it did.

In the10:45am $4, 1000 player SNG, I bubbled the final table when opponent hit runner, runner for an inside straight!  Just so bizarre and fitting to the day I was having.  I wept....  That pot would have put me at final table in about 3-4 place, set to make a run up the $$$ ladder. 

As I write, I am still trying to collect my wits and come to terms with today's bitter episodes of testicle numbing  river cards that knocked me to the sidelines.  Mathematically, it just doesn't seem possible that these river beats are possible to the extent they happened.  Oh well...Played in 4 KO tourneys, and NOT EVEN ONE KNOCKOUT!~ unfathomable.