Will try to go through the entire month of February 2011 without playing any cash games.  Tournies and Sng's only.  My entry fee range is between $3 and $11.

I don't think I can keep Silver Star status muti-tabling 4 or 5, but that shouldn't be the focus anyway.  Making profit should be, right?

Have about 32,000 points in my Stars account.  At 60,000 there is a $1,000 travel card.  It may take a couple of years to get there, but that is a goal worth reaching.  I can take my wife somewhere she deserves.

If nothing else, I can redeem points for the Sunday Million $215 buy-in for 13,500 points. Then unregister and use the tourney bucks to enter others.  Kinda like free tourney buy-ins!