Fat success!  Entered the 9am, $5, $12,000 guaranteed on Feb 4th..  there were 3043 runners.  Passed the cash barrier at 450, but barely.  Started using the time clock to jump more spots - catching a hand or two along the way.

Down to 400 runners...300...200, and I am still there.  At 100...90..80..70..60..50  still hanging on, although almost in last place the entire time.

8 hours have passed now.  Through 40..30..20..15.., and I am still seated, but barely clawing.  Then I crack another player's A/A.  Final table has me sitting in 9th of 9.

The least I can earn for  9th is $121.  For 8th about $160.  I pick up a pot or two, now there are only 7 left.  The 9 hour mark passes.  Down to 6..then 5...pay scale up to about $590 or so for 5th.

But another player hits the rail - only 4 left.  And 4th earns $800+.

I suggest a chop of final 4.   The others agree!  We all split evenly, since stack sizes are similar.  We each garner $1,577. 

My largest payout ever!  I am so excited-and mentally drained at the same time. The next day my brain is mush, but the feeling of success still radiates.