Played 8 SNG's today, anywhere from 27 to 180 players.  I don't play turbos anymore!  Got tired of the high variance.   Did make a small profit, about $16.  I'll take it!

At such low stakes (circa $5), it is amazing how some players go broke or double up with trash hands.

I continually look at other players stats on  And it reveals so much about tournament history that it is indespensible!  When I am nearing the final table, or cashing, it usually find that the remaining players have +positive stats.  The others with very poor stats almost always weed themselves out before cashing.  But those are the players that keep the games active and alive, and I must remember that they $fund$ the winners - even though they hand out their share of bad beats.  Over time though, they just lose so much cash.  They can either quit playing, change their games, or start studying more ( I hope they don't chose #3!)