I decided to let my Silver Status expire on PokerStars.  It is very hard to reach just playing SNG's - unless I played probably 10 a day, everyday.  Just not possible. 

When I first starting playing on Stars, Silver Star was reached when you got to 1500pp's.   After a few years, they dropped it to 1200, and now 750.  Very generous of them actually.

If this seems conservative, I agree.  Cash games are fun when you are winning nice pots, but a drag when you don't.  I often found myself just trying to get back to even$ for the sessions, and it was a bit stressful.

 I can invest in small tourney'/SNG's and only lose a pre-set amount of $$, but still play many many hands for experience.

Would like other opinions on this topic if anyone cares to comment!   Thanks!