Easy to finish, easy $25 - or was it?

I lost money on this promo.  I multi-tables 7 card stud games, low stakes , just to gain the 5 daily points needed for 9/10 days.

Crazy at low stakes.  Players play every pot and it is simply a bingo game.  I played tight, premium cards but nobody noticed.  When I raised with top pairs, the usual players called every time!  I swear if you didn't have at least a straight, you probably would lose the pot.  Checking stats at one point I was 0/68!  Not one pot won in 68 hands!?  That just seems so unprobable,   but true.

Oh well, moving on..No luck in SNG's lately.  Sunday was wild.  had AA cracked twice, once by J/9 and again by 10/5.  Not my day.  Couldn't even secure an easy KO bounty when A/Q couldn't outrun K/3.  pleeaaasseeee~!  lol

No problem.  Am used to the variance after years and years.