Well, made it through the core course, where there was some really good advice. First time I have really had pot odds and how to handle them explained to me. Also found the advice on bankrolls and tilting useful. Played in first two PSO Freerolls and it is obvious that there are many players there who are completely ignoring what has been taught. You might say that having poor, loose players at the table is actually a good thing, but there has to be a point where too many donkeys is a stampede. When I get knocked out holding 2 pairs by some guy betting to the river only holding a 7,10 unsuited, and get beat when a second 7 falls on the river giving him three of a kind the first game, and then deciding to match a guy that has played loose aggresive, enterring every single hand in the next tournament and goes all in against my KK raise and shows an A,6 unsuited and catches the ace, well that really does begin to tick me off. So maybe this is all about a practical course in TILTING, but getting through these games is more like navigating a minefield. Perhaps the best strategy is just to sit back and let these guys self destruct for the first hour. Third game I don't last 10 minutes. After the first 7 hands all end up in all-in calls, I limp in (fearing the donkeys) with pocket kings and catch J-J-K on the flop. Guy next to me goes all in so I call. He shows pocket aces. No problem, he only has four outs, right? Either an ace, or J-J. Nothing on the turn, so now he is down to 2 outs. So WTF, an ACE drops on the river. This just keeps happening over and over and over to me. I guess NOW I'm getting the practical demonstration of a BAD BEAT along with a DOWNTURN! Okay, used the AVOID THE DONKEY MINEFIELD stategy for my fourth game and actually made it to 25th place before my pocket kings all-in on a seven player table got stomped by someone elses pocket aces.