Okay so I got my first session in the books on Sunday. I played about 10 hours worth of poker. I sattied into the 55k guaranteed, and the 100k guaranteed using my fpps. No cash in either tourney though. Also played in 2 PSO freerolls ran pretty good in one cashing for .01 cent. More importantly I am in position to take home a little cash bonus in the league if I can maintain my current ranking!

Started off playing .50-$1 5 tabling limit hold-em, however after getting stuck for about $100 I realized that it would be very tough to recapture lost funds playing lhe. So I decided to start playing mainly .50-$1 nle which proved to be a good choice yesterday!

I feel as if I play a more aggresive/tight game at the nlhe tables so I am looking forward to playing more at this level. I realize I am totally under-rolled for this limit, however I calculated playing 4 tables at once for roughly 24 hours per week will get me to my overall goal for the year, which is Supernova status! So I'm just gonna take a shot and if I gotta reload then so be it..

Totals update

Bankroll $460.23 (profit of $79.96)
FPP 1,125.23
Vip Status 694.23

3 stacks of High Society, here I come

Good Luck at the tables everyone!