Hello fellow PSO members,

Today I will begin my quest to attain Supernova status by December 31, 2011. I just joined PSO a few hours ago and wanted to put my daily, weekly and monthly trials & tribulations of trying to reach Supernova into a blog. I am not a great or even good writer, so bear with me throughout what will hopefully be a rewarding year of online poker at PokerStars!

Why go for Supernova you ask, well I've learned if your too carefull your whole life can become a  .......grind, so I'm rolling up the stakes and taking a shot!

I am going to update this blog on a weekly basis, and perhaps after each session, if time allows, to let everyone know where my bankroll stands, along with my VIP & FPP status. 

I will be playing mainly 6 max .50-$1 Limit Holdem cash games, 5 tabling for 22 hours per week , along with micro mtt's that range from a $1 to $11 buy-in. I will also try to satellite my way into bigger tournies with my FPP's, or buy into smaller feeder tournaments. I will also be playing in the PSO Skill League to try and earn some extra money. I will also try to take advantage of any bonus that is offered to me.

My bankroll to begin with is $380.27
My current FPP total is 917.77

3 stacks of High Society, here I come...

Best of Luck at the tables everyone.....