When I first joined PSO I was excited about playing in a league. The idea of playing in a league with players online that you'd get to see time after time was appealing. Now, not even a month later I'm tried of the low level of play in this league.

It gets annoying to have players who chase regardless of how much you price them out of the hand. For instance I was playing the other night and had labeled a guy as a loose player who liked to chase to the river. Well 8 hands later I am dealt a hand with two pair off the flop (top and middle pairs). With this good flop I bet hard and aggressive to discourage him from chasing. No surprise to me, he called. Then on the turn a connector comes out so I bet hard again. Again he called. Then on the river another connector comes out. I bet hard and he calls. Guess what, he hit is runner runner straight. Every step of the way I had priced him out of his hand. Yet he called. He hadn't been a player who'd showed that he mined sets so I was confident I had the best hand. I knew I had the best hand, so I bet liked I did. Only to have my chaser catch his prize and have the whole table say "NH" or "VNH". Like he was some skilled player who knew his long shot hand would bet me from the start. Over the next hour I did my best to avoid him and worked my chip stack back up only to have him once again chase a flush runner runner and knock me out.

I know anytime you play in a freeroll you run into players who will chase anything. What been putting me on tilt is having navigating the third rail of poker. Avoiding the donks who will take half your stack and have no clue as to why they just won. To me its a risk vs reward and over the last couple weeks its been proven to me that playing with these loose risky players is not worth the risk.

I don't mind the players who chase when it makes sense. But its the players who use no logic yet think their play is sound that keep throwing a wrench into my play.