One of the things that amazes me about MTT play is the difference in playing style. As a poker player I take a tight aggressive approach. I will admit being a tight player means that I often miss out on big hands. But at the same times I have seen a lot of hands that would of crippled me in the tournament.

In todays tournament I ran into a guy who was playing every single hand all-in. It seemed as if a child was pushing random buttons and screaming "I WIN". What made me laugh is that people started calling his all-in with worse hands. So in return this All-in monster's chip stack was growing and growing. Every 5 hands or so a smart player would come along with high pockets and earn a quick double up. But the next hand was followed by a loose player going all-in with Ace rags and missing the board and walking away from the table.

Even though my chip stack never got as large has his. I placed 40 seats higher overall. Sure I might not win as many big hands but in the PSO skill world I find my play is just fine.