Good Day PSO'ers,






Well I am about to start my Day #2 of the Micro Millions XI. I have taken some time to review my play from yesterday, and I learned several things; 1- I will avoid the hyper-turbos from now on. Why? It doesnt fit into my natural playing style. I have given these events several trys and they have been a disaster for me! 2- I am weak in 6 max tourneys, however I do believe I can eventually beat this type of tourney, I will do my homework and will give it another shot here on Day 2, if I have a terrible finish then i will re evaluate the 6 maxs for the remainder of the MM XI and study the game in more detail.

Now I managed 2 small cashes yesterday, keeping to my averages for the 6 tourneys,, however I didnt play well in certain situations. On several occassions, I made loose calls in middle position on early position shovers ( that i felt i had a solid read on ) only to be forced to put all my chipss in the middle from a late position re shove. Not a position I want to be in on Day #2. When i lost yesterday, I lost with marginal holdings such as AQ AK AJ, I need to be better than that, regardless of how well your read is on the early position player! Then I attempted to make final table, the only problem was I was still 2000 players away from being in the money! This move was premature, this mindset is better when you are top 2% not top 30%, but this why reviewing your play is apart of becoming a better player! I am not prefect and never will be, however I can take every tournament as an oppourtunity to be the best player I can be!

Now the Day #2 line-up. It will be Event # 11, Event #12 and Event #14. Event #11 will be my biggest challenge of the day as it is my weakest format.


Again, good luck to all PSO'ers playing today!


Event #11 - Results - 673 out of 12,243 -$30.60. Another small cash, this one I had to dig deep, coming back twice from not being able to cover ther blinds! I folded what should have been insta shove, things like A8 off, 9/T suited, however i elected to not, and was rewarded with way better hands. The third time i tried coming back was my downfall my KQ of spades ran into QT off ( I had 2475.00 and the blinds were 2500 ) the turn gave the villian his T but gave me a gutshot and a spade re draw, all outs bricked on the river. The day is now paid for with a small profit. One more to go today!


Event #12 - Results - 10,061 out of 18,791. Played tight but just couldnt hit no matter what i did.

Event #14 - Results - 5279th out of 6908. Gross. enough said