Good Day fellow PSO'ers,








It is 2015 and we are all set for another Micro Millions! I wanted to write a small blog detailing my Micro Millions XI adventure. I am planning on playing in about 30% of the tournaments this year, it would be my largest Micro Millions turn out to date, and I have high expectations for this year. In 2013, I played in only 4 micro millions tourneys and cashed in 2 of them, 2014 M.M I played in 7 tourneys and cashed in 3 of them, i like these numbers and would love to do the same this year.

My Day 1, is already large, playing in Event #1 phase 2, Event #2, Event #4, Event #5, and Event #6 and I am hoping for a couple decent cashes to keep me rolling into Day #2. So please say Hi if you happen to see me at the tables, always nice to have support while you go cross eyed at the tables! Regardless of how these tourneys turn out, I will eventually post the final results of these and other tourneys!

Good Luck to all the PSO'ers in Micro Millions XI! Lets take it down!


Event #1 phase 2 Results - 7069th - $2.19 - cash is a cash i guess. Very dissapointing to lose to ATC hand after hand with premiums. action was crazy, felt like the open league lol

Event #2 Results - 1445th out 20,444. - $30.66 - another small cash. I like to believe these will turn into bigger cashes one day. I was sitting with 37k in middle position with AK suited. I guy in erarly position pushes for 30k, I call, Guy in late position pushes 60k, I had 6700 behind and I am committed, needless to say I call and see that the guy in early position has 99 and the guy in late had KK, I was ok with this play cause i was attempting to win not just hang on for more money. The day is paid for now with a slight profit, 2 more to go today, than we look at tomorrow!

EVENT #3 - Disaster! Place 12,833. Out on the second hand after flopping two pair. A 2 T Turn - K river T. I held A2 suited villian held AQ off

Event #4 0.11 rebuy. Results - LOL 29,000th. Its either a cash or bottom of the barrell. This one was simple my AQ lost to TJ

Event #5 - results  - 3467 out of 11,004. My small stack of AJ ran into QQ

Event #6 - Results - 2572 out of  5014. I didnt play this well at all, ,so bad I cant even remember what i lost with, this is prolly a good


After review of Event #5, it was nice to see a player I played with at the table for the entire tourney, managed a 7th place cash!