Day 2 of the Micro Millions started with Event #010  $1 Rebuy 50k GTD Entrants 25,335.



This tourney again was a value based decision and it paid off. I stuck to my game plan and it worked! I wont bore you with alot of the details, there really isnt any,I played solid consistant poker and finished this tourney in 1045th good for another cash of 28.02. Again the big pay days seem to elude me, while i wait for it, i will be content with consistant small cashes.


Day 2 of the Micro Millions Event #012 3.30 Big Antes 40k GTD No rebuy or Add On

First time playing this format, i wasnt really sure what to expect, i went into prepared for this to be an action heavy game from hand one. It turned out it really wasnt, in the end it was a lousy preformance by myself. I finished around 13,000th ish I was small stack with 3100 and pushed my AJ in the Small blind. Middle position player calls with his 66, i dont improve and im gone.


Event #010 - cashed - 28.02 - place - 1045 out of 25,335

Event #012 - 0 cash - place 13,000th ish out of 32,109


All in all, 4 events to date and two cashes, cant really complain too much!