Well last month I created my firsat Blog ever, so for the second straight month I find myself in the exact same spot. Last month i told you I was making early exists with AA, KK. I blogged and it seemed to help turn my game around. So I tightened up and shot up the leaderboard of the open league, I know not a big deal, but it was a goal of mine to make it too the Premier league. August comes and i did it, playing in the |Premier league, which is where i believe I belong. I am finding I am getting the exact same results.I couldnt possibly tighten up any more than what I am playing now, I am generally only playing around 12- 15 % of the hands i see. I have made at least 7 early exists from these tourneys with AA and KK.......if you are going to do well in these leagues I believe you have to win more than 14% of the time with these hands. Well I am not. Not really sure what else to do.......register and sit out? Never play any hands at all? Fold AA and KK early in these tourneys? I understand variance but this seems really vicious, two straight months losing with every two card combo you can think of!!!!!!! So once again fellow PSO'ers post your comments, it seemed to help out alot last month. Please tell me this is happening to someone else out there! LOL