Hi guys,


Thought I would post a guide on creating a hud for pokerstars and other sites for free. This comes in handy when you are on a different computer, can't afford payed software, or new to the game and not looking to invest a lot of money for 2nl lol.

I use a hud called 'Free Poker Database'. It's completely free and based on python. It also records stats and acts as a database for all your winnings ^^.

Obviously it won't be as slick as Pokertracker or Holdem Manager, but I think for those playing microlimits, it gives most of the infomation a player needs without a hit to the bankroll.

You can also customize the hud with a little coding knowledge. Mine (for 6max holdem) changes VPIP and PFR colours when they are outside a certain range:

And here is an example of reviewing sessions.

You can look at your graph:

Your stats: 

And other simplistic versions of features the payed software has like hand reviewers and pokerstove etc.

It also does other games such as stud, omaha and more. 

Anyway, if anybody wants some help setting it up, I can try and help.

Good luck at the tables,