I recently stumbled upon Texas Hold'em like many today by viewing poker play on television. While I did not immediately go out and start playing, it was just interesting to watch. It wasn't until I got a new cell phone that had "Texas Hold'em King 3" that I started to play and learn the basics to playing. I found a game on AOL that had Texas Holdem tournaments for (free) practice that I played and instantly found exciting. It was fun but again it was free. Sure, one did not lose money but the style of play was 'reckless' and thus I found I did not increase my poker playing skills to the level I desire. After reading online and perusing the different 'poker blogs' I enrolled and started playing poker for money. While I am just a novice and play at the micro tables, it provided an euphoria when I would win and of course the opposite affect when losing. But, I noticed something that began to happen. I was beginning to learn the game from the 'skill' level. It is at this point that it has become really exciting. That is why I am starting my blog. Perhaps I can give back to those that wish to learn and play the game and perhaps strive to become the best of the best. I currently favor 'sit n go' tournaments. The joy I get out of playing at the tables is exhilarating. I am currently enrolled in the Poke Stars, 'Poker School Online' wanting to increase my skill level. So as they saying goes...'shuffle up and deal'! Bing