So I've been loitering around and reading some of the other blogs here and decided to finally bite the bullet and put virtual pen to paper.

Currently I've got no grand targets in mind other than to try and stop losing and get to a solid breakeven state. I'm certainly no internet wizard in the making and I won't be clocking up huge volumes. I will however be instigating 'Fail Fridays' where I take my very very worst hand of the week and review it here in all it's horrendous glory. These will be my own personal 'stocks' where you the faithful reader can come and hurl rotten vegatables and hurtful comments about my atrocious play while I hang my head in shame.

On a serious note I am a huge believer in learning from failure and have found analysing these dire pieces of play have improved my game (however marginally). I'm looking forward to hearing your comments and thoughts.

At present I am playing almost exclusively micro 6-max cash games with a little bit of heads-up in the mix. Due to my time restrictions and the fact that I don't get as much enjoyment out of 9 and 10 seated games there will likely be little tournament play.

Now that the awkward first post is out of the way i'll get back to the virtual felt and try to rustle up a gem for Friday's analysis.


Until next time.