First just a Hearty Thank You! to the Folks at Pokerstars for those of us who really enjoy the game.

Great work guys!  This site is providing real value for me.

I have one concern on the website's card performance, there are an aweful lot of flushes that come out. 

I imagine that this phenomenon may be programmed into the software intentionally to maximize betting.  Unfortunately that means making good decisions and training on the site could be impacted. 

Perhaps my observation is based on sampling error, but when every 8th hand results in a flush time after time, it sticks out. 

Since I don't play for money, it's not that big a deal.

That being said, my performance in tournament 2 was poor, I finished mid pack.
Tournament 3 finished with me in 87th place (I won a $.01 prize whoo hoo!)
Tournament 4 finished with me in the pack.

So I cashed in 2 of 4 tournaments so far.  I have to determine if this equates to a net profit margin should I enter actual cash tournaments  in WV or Vegas, but it seems that it would.  Someday I would love to compete in a WPT NL Hold 'em event.