I don't really think that this belongs in a blog, more like the Brags and Achievements or Home Games forums.


But in order to get the Leaderboard points, this is where it must go.


So to begin.........I knocked out a PSO Team Member namely CannonLee and here is the replay to prove it


I also knocked out royalraise85 later on in the tourney and was moved to the final table immediately, and because it was not the same table as I had been on, I could not click on the hand history at the top of the table page,

Not that it mattered as I had already seen off CannonLee and managed to save the HH.


These knockouts should be on the Home Games Forum, they are more likely to be read there, especially those like mine.

No-one reads my Blog, this will be my fourth blog since 2010, when the Blog Forum started and I think in that time about five people have viewed them.


But, never mind, I have complied with the requirements of the knockout and Blogged about knocking out a PSO Team Member, even though it doesn't make very good reading,