I started a Home Game Club and called it Chip'n'Chair.

Then I registered a Tournament for Sunday 6th February at 14:00hrs est.

It is a $1 + 10c + 25c buy in Knockout with a 20% payout, Fast Table, 3 minute Blinds and 5,000 starting chips.

I have not icluded a break in this tourney, as I believe that those players left in after 1 hour would lose their momentum and the rhythm of the game. As even with a maximum Club allowance of players playing, I wouldn't anticipate that the tourney will last much longer than 1 hour and a half.

There are a number of reasons for selecting this structure, (although I would have liked at least 10,000 starting chips, but Stars have a max of 5,000 on offer).

The first reason.

5,000 starting stack... a number of people have expressed a frustration in not being able to partake in deep stack comps as they are not as readily available as regular Tourneys and consequently do not get the chance to practice this type of play.


3 minute Blinds... Deep stack Tournaments, especially with a decent entry field, have a tendency to take a very long time to complete using 'normal' (Ten Minutes) or longer Blind intervals. The 'Turbo' quality of this Tourney, ensures that the Comprtition should not last longer than 1hr 30minutes.
This would be level thirty where the Blinds would be 3.2K & 6.4K with an ante of 800.


$1 + 10c + 25c buy in... I have kept the buy in as low as allowable, without it being play money.
a. so that it is affordable to most people. b. to ensure that the players take the game seriously (there is money involved after all. ( Cowboy, pointed out to me that, He for instance, would rather not play for play money as he would like to see some reward at the end .)).


Knockout.... to make it that more people have the opportunity to leave with some money at least.


Fast Table.... to enable people to develop the attribute of quick decision making.

Having a starting Stack of 5,000 chips, will give people the opportunity to try their hand at Deep Stack play, and limiting the Blinds to three minutes as opposed to 10, 15, or even 20, minute blinds, will not, I believe detract from this, as the Blinds start at 15/30. So even with three minute increments their should still be ample opportunity for practice.

As the Blinds do increase every three minutes, the character of the game will change quickly. From Deepstack ( 160 + X BB) to average stack (for the majority of players i.e. 15 - 20 X BB ) to short stack (less than 10 X BB) in a comparitively short time, enabling players to practice 'changing gear'.

A Fast Table will give opportunity to practice quick decision making, which will be beneficial for players that multi-table or players that anticipate multi-tabling in the future. Although there will still be a sixty second time bank, which increases by 10 seconds at level seven and every sixth level thereafter plus an added sixty seconds at the Final Table, for those trickier decisions.

The 'Turbo' aspect of the game will allow the game to be played out in a reasonable period of time, even if I could get a maximum club membership allowance, to participate, I don't think anyone would be prepared to play more than eight hours of Poker for such a small reward as first place payment is likely to be. The knockout structure will also allow more than just the 20% of paid finishes, to leave with something.

Having considered this for a while, I still think that this would be a worthwhile experiment, and that the participants could gain something from this, apart from the monetary.

I would still like to have the views of other PSO members on this though.

P.S. I still need members for my Club if this experiment is to be successful.

Thanks for your time.