I've been playing on Pokerstars for about 6 months, learning the craft, but keeping my spending fairly low.  I started playing Limit TH on the cash tables, but after about 3 months moved to the No Limit tables.  Recently I started playing in tourneys, mostly $0.25 Sit'n'Go, finishing in the money around 1 game in 4, including 2 wins.  Then last week, I entered the $1.10 NLHE 2k tourney, my first one I won just over $3, and the second one I won first place, 497 dollers!  The game lasted just over 9 hours, and the last 30 mins my hands were shaking as I played, that is a large amount of money for me

So now I consider myself a proper poker player.  I need to build on this, playing tourneys when I can, and learning more.  I still need to learn about outs and pot odds, I know what they are, but haven't got to grips with calculating the odds in live play.

So it is back to PokerSchool for me, to learn even more about this GREAT game!