How many of you remember the board game Shoots and Ladders? You know, the game where you slide down shoots or climb up ladders to win the game! Well this month in PSO has been all Shoots for me. I could climb a ladder even if I found one. The first month I did ok, and second month I kept myself above 1600. But this month has been one slide after another. Seems like every tourny I play in, I just get beat by some crazy hands. Now I am not complaining, dont get me wrong here. I am just saying how crazy it has been so far this month in PSO for me.
  Now the funny part about doing so bad in PSO, but outside the league, in regular freerolls I have been doing unbelievably well. I played in a Fantacy Final sit&go and made it to second place, which qualified me to play in one of the finals. I played in a PSO after that and did well, went out in 11th place, I played in a Facebook freeroll and was sitting with 568,000 in chips in 3rd place(first place qualifies for the Facebook 5K Freeroll) and had a few bad beats and ended up going in 14th but still qualified to play in the .10 Facebook tourny and cashed that. So outside of PSO I am doing very well.
  PSO gave me tools I needed to get over the hump and now when I play out there, I feel more confident and sure of my ability to play and read my opponants. I still play in PSO and I will never stop. Just on a slide this month, but I got a feeling it wont last too long!