Its funny how in so short a time this league is already bearing out results. On Nov 5th, 2010 at 10AM I played in one of these Sit-n-Go PCA Fantasy Tournaments. You start out with 540 people, blinds go every 10 minutes and you start with the usual 1500 in chips. Now you have to really be careful in these tournaments because its free for one and you have a number of people who think A 3, K 5 or Q J is an awesome hand and will go all in first hand. I say be carefull because even a monster on the first hand in a tournament like this, isn't the monster you think it is. trust me, I learned the hard way to many times!
  Well I played very tight right from the start, and made sure to only play hands where my cards were decent. I actually stuck to my stradegy and it worked for me! Sometimes ill play tight aggressive where i only play cards if both my pocket cards are T's or better. And this is what I did for the first hour of this purticular game. So an hour in, im sitting around 17,000 in chips where as the chip leaders are up around 60,000 in chips. There is only under 150 people still left in the tournament, blinds are at 200/400 with antes at 50. I start thinking to myself, if I am gonna be at the final table, I don't want to be short stacked! This is odd for me, cause I don't usually use possitive language and thoughts like this. But I thought, I need to win some hands and start moving up the ladder and if i get there with 50,000 it wont be so bad, as long as I am not short stack!
  Well at almost two hours in im around 88,000 blinds are at 1k/2k  with 150 antes. So we come off second break and I get pp A's. I bet 3000, I didnt go all in because I have lost with pocket A's before. Two other call, the button and BB im in middle position. flop comes 2 A 3  so first thing im thinking, I hope someone doesn't have a straight! I bet 10,000 and the button calls and BB goes all in for about 53,000 so im thinking straight? No flush draw! So what am I gonna do? Im gonna call, thats what I am gonna do! So I call, well button calls also, and bam, I put um both out! All of a sudden, im chip leader! Wow, feels nice at the top! So I teetered and totted up and down the leaderboard from 1st to 2nd, then back to 1st then down to 6th.
  So we get down to two tables, 16 players left and I am playing super tight! Only playing cards in my pocket that are Q's or higher! I can feel that final table, its like something turned on inside me! Next thing i know I am sittin at 190,000 and im doing really well. Before I know it we are down to 10 players. Im trying to put out this one guy who has been harrassin me the whole time. And everytime I think I have him, he beats my butt! So finally he gets put out, wow I can relax. But this other person who was like almopst out several times is like at the final table now and he is short stacked, so i go after him with a descent A Q.  Grr  flop come K A K  well don't you know he is holding the K! ok so I loose! My chip stack is dwindling! Ive gone from, 220,000 down to just barely over 108,000 in like 10 minutes! And this guy next to me that was on his last leggs just 45 minutes ago is now chip leader and playin some really good poker! Like did he sandbag this whole time? Well we finally get down to 3 players, and he puts out the other guy so now I am qualified to play in one of the PCA Fantasy Final/ Sunday $30,000 Free Roll.
  So all this hard work in PSO is paying off for me. So keep up the work habits in here and don't give up. Oh and for all those who have not made the final of the PCA, please come out and support me this Sunday morning, 7AM Pacific Time (I live in california) PCA Fantasy Final. It would really be great to know that your there rooting me on! If you can, leave me a post here on my blog if you plan to come watch, even if it is just for a little while, it will help!

Tornament>Freeroll>PCA Fantasy Final 7:00AM  Hope to see you all there!