I think the most exciting part of PSO is keeping up with your ranking and watching how you either go up or down. That little number has us all mesmorized and as the month goes on we either find ourselves cussin at the computer screen, ready to throw the whole thing out the window or telling ourselves what a great job we are doing and to keep it up. 
  I started this month at 1500 and thought ok poker world, get ready cause here I come. At first I started out fine, was above that 1500 mark. Then I dipped below and well I was really starting to get kind of angry with myself. I was like i said before, ready to throw this computer out the window! And when I got to that point I don't really know how to explain it but something just snapped inside me. It was like someone had just lit a fire under my butt and bam! I was off and runnin! I had a 16 finish, then a 24, 40's, some 100's and so on. Before I knew it, I was on the bubble of breaking 1600. Then I had my 9th place finish, the highlight of the month of October for me. Gotta go see what my score is in PSO! 1598! Dang it, you mean I gotta play another tournament to get above 1600? So I did, and boy let me tell you, that was the most scarey tournament for me I ever played in my life! I played so tight, you would thought I was a virgin at this game. I didn't wanna make any bets, I just wanted to finish inside the top 150 players, cash if possble but most of all get enough points to put me over that 1600 mark! Well, I guess ill leave it up to each of you to go check out my points and see for yourselves whether I made it or not! Happy Halloween!