Looking back on the month of October, thinking of all the hard knocks, bumps and bruises, bad beats, beat downs and knock outs I have incured and thinking to myself, it's all about learning. Isn't that why each and every one of us joined this league? I know I have only been in PSO for a little over a month now, I know that 1550's dont get you very high in the rankings at the end of the month but it's all about learning. Think about it this way, what is the ultimate goal of partisipation in a poker tournament? Answer: To win! Thats right, we want to win it. Win it all, take home that final prize. So each time you sit down at a table your goal is to make it to the end and win. 
  On 10/23/2010 in the 10am PSO Skills League tournament I finally made the final table. It was so exciting, and I couldn't stop shaking. I kept thinking to myself, wow I finally did it. How I got there, was alot of hard work. I have been playing in one PSO Tournament a day, sometimes more, but at least one a day. I can't see spending all my time on a computer playing poker, but I devote most of my mournings to the 7am, on Saturday at 10am. And all my hard work is paying off. If I look over the course of this month, I have cashed 5 times, kept myself over 1500, and most importantly learned a whole alot. I wont say that I am a great poker player but I will say I am a better poker player than I was when I first started in PSO. I made that final table but went out in 9th place, which for me was an awesome experince because it was my first. Keep working hard, keep learning and don't give up.