Getting put out of a tournement once you hit the money isn't so bad, as long as you learn from the experience and didnt lose your shirt in the process. I mean nobody wants to go out that close to the finish but take your bumps and remember, there will always be another day.
   There is alot you can do after being put out though, even though you might be really upset or mad about it. Think about those still in the race to the finish, they did something you didn't thats why they are still there. Dont leave from the tournament, stay and watch those players, learn their stradegies and playing styles while you have a chance to just watch! Most likely you will come up against them again in due time, so the more you know about them the better you will play against them next time.
   I have found that in PSO the rail is one of the most interesting places around the league. Its a place you can go to watch the leaders, learn about how they play, take notes, and most of all see some really good poker being played. These people are up at the top for a reason, so why shouldn't we learn from then while we can. And the rail is the best place to see all there is to see. The best part about pokerstars, you get a front row seat to every tournament table. So next time you get put out, get over being mad and learn something while you can. Go to the chip leaders table, League leaders table and just like when you were in school, learn!